Ellen Carey


Ellen Carey is a lens-based artist whose unique experimental work spans several decades.  In 1983 Carey was invited by Polaroid to work at the 20 x 24 Studio which led to her pioneering breakthrough series the “Pull” and “Rollback,” naming her practice “Photography Degree Zero.” This was an investigation of minimal and abstract images with Polaroid instant technology partnered with her own innovative concepts, often using only light, photography’s indexical, or none, emphasizing “zero”. Her photogram work is camera-less, paralleling her Polaroid less-is-more aesthetic under the umbrella concept “Struck by Light” (1992-2015). Carey has worked in a variety of cameras and formats: Polaroid SX-70 and Polaroid PN film; black/white to color; 35mm, medium and large format.  Her experimental images, in a range of genres and themes, are one-of a-kind. Carey has been the subject of over fifty solo exhibitions in museums, alternative spaces, college and commercial art galleries. Her works has been extensively written about and she is also an educator, independent scholar and guest curator.