Karen Gunderson

In her series of “sea paintings,” Karen Gunderson transforms blackness into an illuminating experience. The paintings are large, edge-to-edge views of nocturnal seas. Through the use of monochromatic oil, Gunderson poetically portrays the surface of water as it is seen in its infinitely variable moods. The color seems to shift like water with the change in ambient light and the contrasting direction of the brush strokes. For more than 40 years, her work has been exhibited extensively in the United States and internationally, including solo exhibitions in Sophia, Bulgaria, Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, Spain, and the National Museum of Bahrain in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. Select public collections include Davis, Polk, and Wardell, New York; Dow Jones, New Jersey; Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York; Philip Morris Incorporated, New York; Rubin, Baum, Levin, Constant and Friedman, New York, NY and the Racine Art Museum, Wisconsin.