Mio Yamato was born in 1990 in Shiga, Japan. She studied at the Kyoto University of Art and Design, earning her B.A. in 2013 and her M.A. in 2015. She was awarded for her excellent work at Kyoto University of Art’s 2015 graduation exhibition. Each of Yamato’s pieces is constructed using nearly the same technique of applying drops of paint or drawing repeated lines of a single color in order to create a unique pattern. The images generated through this process most often resemble natural forms, such as waves or mountain peaks. The consistency of her technique and the diversity of its outcomes are an exploration of the immense range of visual effects that can be achieved through repetition. Yamato has received multiple awards from the Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi, the Kyoto University of Art and Design, the Contemporary Art Foundation, and most recently the Fundación Casa Wabi.