I’m interested how shapes in nature relate to abstraction, architecture and design. In my work I investigate the curious, rich visual potential these shapes exist in. I question how we interpret what we see in terms of abstraction whether it is by chance or intentionally looking at a work of art.


I make drawings on paper that have an organic and technical structure.  They’re inspired by shapes cut from source materials such as prints, books, photographs and objects.  They become cut and paste blueprints from which I build my surfaces, weaving a latticework of organic and angular forms.  Concealing and revealing is an important form of visual play in my work.  My selection process of shapes, images and paint is based in poetic responses on how I respond to formal elements.  It’s in that act that I find profound meaning.


I’ve recently been making video as way of furthering the concept of layered images in collage, based off of my 2D works.  Scanned elements and images of finished 2D works materialize then fade in and out in movements - like passing sound on a textured landscape.  The hidden layers are revealed to have a playful exchange with abstraction and nature.


Artist statement from Aaron Wexler.